Company:Shenzhen Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co.,LTD
Address:2nd,2unit,1st Xiangxin Road,NanLian community,LongGang Street,LongGang District,Shenzhen,China


Kids Silicone Ruler Slap Bracelet

Product Categories:Slap Watches Kids

Brand:Yuan Feng


Specification:(L) 28CM* (W )3CM

Material:Food Grade Silicone

Characteristics:fashion, funny, safe

Lead Time:3-5 Workday


Payment Terms:L/C,D/A, Paypal, TT, Western Union, MoneyGram

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Kids Silicone Ruler Slap Bracelet Wholesale Slap Wrist Ruler

silicone slap bracelet ruler

Kids Silicone Ruler Slap Bracelet Information


Kids Silicone Ruler Slap Bracelet




High grade silicone


Drak blue ,Orange,Green can be customized


(L)28* (W )3cm

Suitable for



1. Good pulling

2. Good spring

3. No easy tearing

4. No deformation


1.LFGB,FDA approved

2.Heavy metal test

3.BPA test etc

silicone ruler wrist slap 

Kids Silicone Ruler Slap Bracelet Specification

silicone slap wrist ruler

Kids Silicone Ruler Slap Bracelet Features

  • Bright color : High grade silicone ,no fading color can be customized
  • Clear scale : Clear scale on one side to make it a ruler logo and pattern can be printed on the other side
  • Wear it on your wrist and you will always have a ruler to hand.
  • Perfect for school kids.
  • Ideal gift for him or her

silicone slap ruler bracelet

How to wear Kids Silicone Ruler Slap Bracelet on your wrist convenient and quick

  1. Put the slap ruler to level and concave side up ,hold one end and the other end towards the wrist
  2. Slap it on the wrist, then release the holding end
  3. Tightness adjustable fashionable bright your wrist

slap silicone ruler band

High Grade Silicone Material of Kids Silicone Ruler Slap Bracelet

ruler silicone slap bracelet

Kids Silicone Ruler Slap Bracelet Description

Silicone ruler wrist slap bracelet make great Party Favors for kids' birthday parties. We value you and your children; so, don't settle for those horribly low quality plastic slap bracelets that easily fall apart and can even be dangerous. silicone slap bracelet ruler are Color Coated, which make them soft and safe. 100% Latex Free Silicone encase a high quality metal coil. These won't fall apart and will last a long time - even in the hands (or around the wrists) of highly energetic boys and girls. You can even personalize each slap wrist ruler with permanent marker and then easily wipe clean with acetone or nail polish remover to use them again and again!

custom silicone slap ruler

Slap Wrist Ruler is a little surprise for kids

silicone slap bracelets

Slap Wrist Ruler Styles

Company information

  1. We specialized in manufacturing all health technology products , Our commodities and service have been unanimously recognized and praised by most clients
  2. Our products have passed the ISO- 9001,Sedex audited factory , SGS Test of Tongbiao Company, meeting the requirements of RoHS
  3. Our products of Vulcanizing agent series have been detected by the U.S. FDA, reaching the U.S. food requirements
  4. Our company promotes environmental protection, and complies with relevant environmental laws and regulations
  5. We have a strict management and well-trained staff and a strong management and production team
  6. We also fully operate "7s" activities, clean environment, reduce costs, follow strict management and quality control, and improve efficiency

our team

Honorary Certificate

Honorary Certificate

Advantages and Security
Advantage And Security

Customized OEM Collapsible Water Bottle With Logo

Customized OEM BPA Free Water Bottle Procedure


1. What types of products can I put in the promotional gifts cosmetic packaging ?  

Promotional gifts cosmetic packaging is a wide range of fluids from shampoos and conditioners to facial cleaners and sunscreen. Our travel tubes are even made of FDA food-safe silicone so you can put soft food products like peanut butter and yogurt in them. While our travel tubes are designed for a range of fluids and soft products, it is still possible that you can find an incompatible fluid. This is why we recommend running a trial on all new products -- try only a small amount of the new product overnight in a safe environment where a possible reaction or leak won't damage anything.

2. Why the promotional gifts cosmetic packaging incompatible with some fluids?           

While liquid silicone is one of the most impervious materials in common commercial use today, reactions can still occur (no material is completely impervious). The incompatibility often relates to silicone's porous nature (some fluids can seep or evaporate through the pores of the silicone) or a combination of chemicals that causes the silicone to expand. Unfortunately, we can't tell you specific chemicals or ingredients to avoid because it can be a combination of them that causes leaking and reactions.

3.I only want to dispense a little fluid I put in promotional gifts cosmetic packaging, but a lot comes out. What can I do?

Our travel tube has been designed to work with a wide range of fluids -- from soft food products to thin liquid soaps. This means that the valve has been designed to dispense a wide range of viscosities. We find that the best way to get a small amount of a thin fluid is to squeeze the tube quickly -- the longer the squeeze, the longer the valve is open and thus the more fluid that is dispensed

4. What are the care and cleaning instructions for the promotional gifts cosmetic packaging  ?

The promotional gifts cosmetic packaging and collar are dishwasher safe (top rack only). The flip cap can be hand-washed in warm, soapy water.