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One of the cutest coin purses I've came across in a long time! It's the perfect size (slightly bigger than my palm) and is super adorable. I'm slightly concerned on the durability but so far no problems yet. It attracts cat hair and fine dirt like no other so that's a little irritating and one of the ears gets stuck every time I latch it shut. But for the price its worth it.
  • Durable material and workmanship to withstand daily wear & tear.
  • It is made of premium silicone which is durable and pretty.Large amount of colors to chose.
  • An ideal bag for holding coins, keys, accessories, make-up, candy and more...
Perfect for the beach or pool, this lightweight and water resistant purse is perfect to take and store valuables in a wet environment. Compact and attractive, it makes a great wallet at a beach club. While the zipper doesn't make it completely waterproof, it's is a nice little wristlet that will make carrying your change safe and easy to get to.The outside is silicone on the top and bottom making them water resistant. I say resistant because if you dropped this in a pool it is very likely that water will still get in through the zipper area.
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This is such high quality and so cute. I got a new wallet with no coin slot and my coins were flying everywhere. I was looking for a coin purse that I could attach to my wallet chain that was shaped like a cat and this was perfect. However I didn't look at the dimensions. This is almost as big as my wallet itself! I wish there was a mini version.These look just like the picture. The colors are great and make it easy to find in your bag. One advantage to a silicone coin purse is that the inside is much easier to clean than the ones lined in fabric. The silicone is a good thickness, it doesn't feel flimsy and it holds its shape well when you put things inside. It has a soft velvety texture. I really like mine and am going to buy some of the other cases they make.