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YuanFeng China Silicone Teething Toys Wholesale For Babies

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The number one thing I look for when getting a toy for a baby or toddler is that it's BPA free. This stackable teething tower is free of BPA and is made of food grade silicone. It can go in the freezer to cool the pieces to help with soothing sore gums. It's also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, which is always a huge bonus. The material is much smoother and softer than can be described. Each section has a different texture so each piece is more interesting than a typical round silicone teether toys or stacking toy. The sections are also interchangeable as far as the order they can be stacked with the exception of the orange piece that needs to remain on the top. I do wish there were a few more rings to give a little more variety and provide more color for sensory stimulation, and to make silicone teether a little bigger since it is a bit small. I would also suggest they work on the product packaging because it's not gift ready as is.
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We had silicone teether toys for my daughter. I asked if her little brother could use hers, and she said no. I had a feeling that if we brought a second  teether toys into the house it would be an issue, so I searched for an alternative. This silicone teething toys is perfect. There are lots of places to chew - the nose, the ears, the legs. My son is clearly teething but has no interest in chewing anything but his zebra. 

The Baby Teething Toys Bracelet and Pacifier Clip by Yuanfeng is actually 2 items in one. The beads on the bracelet are made from food grade silicone and are white and turquoise in color. It is Eco-friendly and BPA free, non-toxic and FDA approved. The bracelet has an attached clasp that also doubles as a pacifier holder that can be clipped directly to your baby's clothing. It appears well made from some type of silky material. The bracelet is lightweight, weighing less than 2 ounces. The clasp has a safety feature and will disconnect if pulled on too hard. It is easy to clean with warm soap and water. I even threw it into the silverware basket in my dishwasher and it was fine. 

My baby is a teething and chewing machine ! Silicone teething bracelet has been a great help for when he wants to chew on something and we are on the go. It's made of silicone so it isn't too hard and it does stretch but it seems to be made out of a strong thick elastic which is nice so I'm not worried it will break. It fits my wrist just fine and isn't too bulky so it doesn't get in the way. I like to wear it out so that when my baby is fussy I can just take it off and let him chew on it or I can let him chew on silicone teething bracelet when I have it on as well. I like not having to dig into my diaper bag to find a toy for him to chew on. I also like that it is neutral colors do it goes with just about any outfit.
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Daughter likes silicone teething toys better than other similar teething toys made out of silicone because they are thinner and can be chewed more easily. Her favorite is the anchor, it fits into her mouth the easiest and can be pulled on. Thin, but durable and won't fall apart. Would buy more if they had other designs.This silicone teether has all the attributes of an excellent teether. It is an interesting solid color, not quite a shade of green you would ever see in nature, but easy to spot. The shape resembles a turtle, perhaps the great A'Tuin. The size and weight are appropriate for little hands, with shapes and crannies to be explored by little fingers. There are smooth places and nubby places to satisfy the demands of tooth-hatching gums. Best of all, it is dishwasherable.