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YuanFeng BPA Free Water Bottles Manufacturer OEM Silicone Water Bottle

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This is almost exactly what I was looking for to put in my daughter's lunchbox. Most other containers were difficult to put inside her lunchbox bag, due to their sizes and rigid walls. I only fill it about halfway, since that's all she needs for lunch usually, and then I press out the extra air before closing the lid. This way, I can bed and smoosh the bottle as needed to get it in next to her ice pack. It is super lightweight (another major plus over other water bottles, thermoses, and canteens) and ends up being kind of a fun squeeze bottle for drinking since it's so flexible. I have had no issues washing the bottle in the dishwasher or by hand. Use HOT water, and it air dries in seconds, even the inside. Really cool folding water bottle that is very convenient.

  • OLDS AND ROLLS UP EASILY - when empty, Stands When Full.
  • DESIGNED - to easily open lid with one hand. BPA FREE material design, Dishwasher safe, Easy to wash.
  • EASY TO FILL - wide opening lets you put in ice cubes etc.
  • BUILT IN HOOK - lets you clip on to pants, handbag, backpack etc, and keeps it folded for compact packing.
  • HASSLE FREE RETURN - if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase. up to 30 days no questions asked.

This water bottle serves my needs well. The material is sturdy and the bottle doesn't leak at all. The water flows freely from the spout with a light squeeze of the bottle. It's really nice to be able to fold up the water bottle in your pocket instead of having to carry it around in your hands everywhere. I really like the fact that it has a little rubber band attached to the cap that allows it to stay rolled up for packing away. It also comes with a convenient carabiner, so you can attach it to your backpack or belt. It's perfect for hiking or going for a run. I recommend this water bottle to anyone who needs a good, portable water bottle.

collapsible water bottle

My hopes were too high with this bottle. I wanted something for my daily walk that wouldn't crack when it fell or something like that. While this bottle will definitely not crack if it fell, it hardly holds enough water for me and I think it might pop or tear if something more serious were to happen to it. My main problem is that it holds a small amount of water, I'd like double the amount just on my daily walk. (Not a short walk around the block) Besides it being too small for my liking, it's a fine bottle and I feel safe taking it with me knowing it won't break if a fall were to happen. I've lost too many bottles recently that crack instantly when they hit the ground. I did receive this at a discount for my honest review and this did not effect my opinions.

Foldable Portable Leak Proof Sports Water Bottle, Bpa Free, Non-toxic

Great bottle. Had no problem with taste or smell when I received it. I love the nozzle cap system, it screws on and off like a soda bottle but without having to move the cap itself. I drink a lot of water in a day, especially between work and school, but I prefer the water we have delivered to our home. So for work in the morning, I will use the Nomader and then collapse it into my satchel when it empties before school and use another bottle I bring for school.