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What Is The Use Of Jewelry Silicone Mold ?

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Jewelry silicone mold and named: resin diamond silicone mold is worn on the human body decorations. Plastic ornaments are used in the production of unsaturated resin production drilling hot, flat drill, resin diamond, diamond, diamond and other three-dimensional product-specific silicone mold. As referred to herein, also refers to ornaments worn head, now refers earrings with precious stones, precious metals and other processed, necklaces, rings, bracelets.
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With the population increasing wear jewelry, wholesale jewelry industry is gradually on the rise. Because jewelry is generally used to decorate the body, but also has the performance of social status, wealth, and so meaningful display.
  1. The resin jewelry silicone mold is a two-component liquid silicone rubber, turning model number, good dimensional stability, and good mold release advantages, heat up to 250 ° C or more, and is widely used in a variety of jewelry rapid prototyping mold.
  2. Jewelry silicone mold is a two-component resin, curing temperature of the liquid silicone rubber, mainly used for imitation gemstones mold, the first mold plate, diamond die, linear shrinkage rate is very low, vulcanized rubber dimensional stability; and epoxy Crafts It has a good release properties.
  3. Two-component fluid silicone molds, respectively, A agent and the B agent mixed in a predetermined ratio when used at high temperature vulcanization molding, high hardness silicone resin mold plastic mold addition to the general performance (high temperature resistance, high resistance to tear, high elongation, high tensile, high hardness, electrical insulation, resistance to aging, corrosion, shock absorption, sex simulation, but also has low linear shrinkage, low hardness, etc.), the main distinctive feature of performance in the size requirements for stable materials, the product tear Rally good, not easy to deformation, high hardness and long service life, high temperature.
Jewelry silicone rubber mold to use:
  • Mixed: the gum base and hardener weight ratio 10: 1 mixture, mixing either manually or using equipment;
  • Degassing: glue mixed before filling the mold should be degassed. When a small amount can be used in a vacuum dryer, under vacuum, compound volume can be increased 4-5 times (foam), and therefore, the container should be larger than the volume of degassed gel volume 4-5 times, after a few minutes glue volume back to normal, no air bubbles escape when the surface (about 10 minutes) to complete;
  • Surface treatment: The material surface of the mold surface or potting compound to be contacted is available as a release agent such as liquid paraffin;
  • Vulcanization and stripping: Mixed degassed plastic material placed 120 ± 5 ° C bake 30 minutes curing, 60 -70 ° C bake 2-3 hours curing, room temperature curing time is 24 hours, curing temperature and time may vary depending on process conditions.