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New Design Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve Evaluation by Our Customer

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The advantage of glass water bottle with silicone sleeve

  • Easy to carry around with ring handle, bring your drink with you even traveling
  • Stylish silicone sleeve is soft to the touch and protects the water bottle from minor accidental falls
  • Glass does not leach chemicals like plastic bottles and does not give off a metallic taste like stainless steel bottles (that can't be healthy either!)
  • Non-slip silicone sleeve offers secure grip and helps protect against breakage
  • BPA-free, phthalate-free, FDA approved materials. Fits most cup holders. Dishwasher safe on the top rack. 100% addictive.

The following is our customer evaluation for leak proof glass water bottle with silicone sleeve

I can't explain how much i love this bottle.This bottle is by far the cutest, and most creative of all water bottles in What makes this bottle so unique is its message to beautify yourself with fresh water, loving yourself and being the free spirited person you are. The message isn't that exactly but it's along the lines of living a healthy lifestyle. The imagery In itself makes you feel you need this bottle with silicone sleeve.

glass water bottle with silicone cover
My kids and I drink a lot of water, and I don't buy soft drinks or juice boxes very often. This is an excellent size, without being too heavy. The silicone covering protects and insulates too. I love how the water stays fresh, even if it sits by the bed and I drink some in the middle of the night or next morning. No gross plastic flavor. I'm able to fit ice cubes in it from my automatic ice maker in the freezer compartment. Not sure if the cubes from a tray would fit though. The mouth is wide enough to be comfortable to drink from.

I decided to switch over to all glass water bottles with silicone sleeve so I purchased 3 different styles. This one is my favorite. It's smaller, so it fits better in the dishwasher, and the pink silicone sleeve helps to keep the water cooler longer than the see-through bottles. The handle is easy to carry. There was one time that it leaked, but I think I didn't screw the cover on correctly. It hasn't leaked since. This is a perfect size to have sitting next to me at my desk to encourage me to drink more. There's no plastic smell from the sleeve like some of the other ones I tried.
sports water bottle glass BPA free
Before I bought this, I had big doubts about whether a glass water bottle would hold up or be too delicate. But boy -- it's hard for me to express how much I loved this water leak proof bottle. In my attempt to drink more water, I've gone through dozens of other water bottles -- mostly plastic and metal -- and none of them ever made me want to actually drink the funky-tasting water inside. This glass water bottle with silicone cover, on the other hand, kept the water tasting pure and fresh and delicious all day long. It also had a perfectly sized opening for getting a decent gulp that wouldn't spill over my chin and didn't require any infernal squeezing. And it was easy enough to carry around in the crook of a finger. Of course, I say "was" because my beautiful bottle slipped off my finger this morning, dropped a mere 18 inches to the wooden floor and smashed into dozens of pieces. On the upside, it smashed almost entirely inside the silicone sleeve, so it was easy to clean up. Also, I now have a definitive answer to the question of whether these things break. Still, I'm giving this delightful leak proof glass water bottle with silicone sleeve 5 stars because -- well -- even true love breaks your heart, and you wouldn't give that less than 5 stars, would you? And anyway, it didn't break in my purse, my knapsack, my car, the sink ... only when I dropped it exactly on its bottom on the floor. So -- note to self -- when the 2nd bottle arrives in two days, don't drop that one on the floor!