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New Designed BPA Free Foldable Water Bottles Wholesale by YuanFeng Silicone Water Bottles Manufacturer

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This bpa free silicone foldable bottle is great. Fits nicely in my car's cupholder and because it's flexible (not hard like most bottles), when I hit a bump or have to stop suddenly it stays in there, doesn't go flying out into the far side of the passenger foot area to roll around and drive you crazy for the rest of the trip like other hard water bottles have. It's also great for travel: empty it, roll it up, then when you're on the plane fill it up and you've got your own collapsible water bottle!

This silicone bpa free water bottle comes in a really cute box and would make a great gift. It is made of high quality silicone that should last a super long time. It is water tight and I love how it rolls up into a tiny package. It has a wide opening as well as a small opening to drink from. I love that it has a carabeener too to hook it onto things such as my belt or backpack etc. Being able to fold up a water bottle is a real plus. It's super nice to be able to fold up an empty bottle.
Wholesale Collapsible Water Bottle
  • Food Grade Silicone (Stain, Oder, and Taste Resistant)
  • Rollable and Foldable with metal carabiner and retainer band for clip-on and storage
  • Freezable - keeps drink cold for hours
  • Each Bottle is individually packed in clear poly bag, shipped in set of two bottles
  • 10% of all profits donated to dolphin rescue and protection organizations (verifiable).
I've seen these foldable silicone water bottles advertised recently and I've been very curious about trying them. I was offered one at a discount to try, so I took the opportunity. The bpa free collapsible bottle is durable and although it is also a little awkward to drink from, I much prefer it over the rollable bags I've been using. Once you get used to the way the leak proof bpa free bottle feels in your hand with water in it and you learn that you can simply squeeze the sides to squirt water in your mouth, drinking from this bottle becomes very easy. I applied quite a bit of pressure to the capped bottle just to test the durability and it handled the test well.
silicone foldable water bottle
These leak proogf silicone foldable water bottles are great for hiking, they each hold 18 oz of liquid and do not leave any funky chemical aftertaste in your drink. They roll up nice and small for packing. They easily hook to your belt loop for hands free carrying, the lids do not leak at all. They do not stand well on their own if not full. they do work great for a bedtime water bottle also. The bonus is 10% of the profits will help the dolphins along with the bottle helping the environment.