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With a silicone bath brush, the baby fell in love with a bath

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Many baby will love the bath, the main reason is to play with, so in the process of taking a bath in the environment is the focus can not be ignored. Soothing music can bring the enjoyment of hearing to the baby, not only can increase the baby's memory, but also can cultivate good minds, cultivate the baby's noble sentiments; and the soft light will let the baby have more sense of security, and protect your baby's retina. Use a good massage gel -silicone  bath brush is also can increase the baby body

silicone bath brush

Sense of touch, so that he got a better body massage to ease the mood of anxiety.

"Research shows that the development of daily touch and massage can promote infant physiology, cognition, emotion and social skills.
In fact, as a part of the daily routine of sleep, touch and massage helps to improve the quality of sleep and time.
- help to improve their ability of digestion and absorption of food for infants who are daily massage, so as to promote the growth of the baby.
"It is a fact that conventional massage helps to improve the immune function of premature infants.
Baby - research shows that daily touch and massage can bring long-term health benefits for babies.

silicone bath brush

Not only that, baby massage helps to improve the cognitive ability of children, improve children's attention and alertness. Touch massage can stimulate the nerve endings of the receptor, so that the baby has a comfortable feeling of relaxation, reduce the child's anxiety. So through touch, not only can stimulate the baby's sense organ, more can regulate emotional response, let the baby more relaxed more cheerful. Therefore, mother don't neglect after bath massage and massage, to seize every opportunity, to the baby in the bath after apply moisturizing cream, and massage according to baby's preferences, can also apply talcum powder, let the baby feel dry and comfortable.