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What are the Yuanfeng no tie shoelaces have characteristics

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With the rapid economic development, people's time is very valuable, we all like to simplify some of the cumbersome things, such as: shoelaces. Today, Yuanfeng Industry has developed a system without shoelaces, completely help people achieve high efficiency of life, But also with the era of innovation. So what is the feature of this free shoes?

1. Material

Material is used on silica gel, soft and flexible, strong tensile resistance, can be adjusted according to the size of your feet lace elastic, but also does not pollute the environment.

2.Do not wash

If the silicone shoelace above the stains, then just gently rub can clean up, save the time to wash shoelaces.

3.Wearing simple

Select the appropriate lace length in order to end into the shoe hole, the same method will be fixed on the other side to complete the shoelace.

4.Unique buckle design

If you are worried that our shoelaces will often fall off, then wrong, we are using a unique clasp design, can withstand greater tension in the process of wearing off the lace is not easy to break or prolapse from the shoe hole.

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