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Silicone watch strap manufacturers tell you how to clean silicone strap

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The watch can show the personality of the wearer,so it will not quit the market,silicone strap manufacturers everywhere,many like wearing a silicone watch friends will encounter a trouble,silicone watch band with a long time can appear  dirty,So how do we clean the silicone watch band?

1.Wash with toothpaste

Wear silicone watch in the summer.sometimes have sweating,although the silicone strap is waterproof,but after wearing Silicone watchband,it should be cleaned with toothpaste.It is best to ask manufacturers in the production process can be sprayed on the handle oil,So both decontamination and can play the role of anti-static.While increasing the silicone strap shiny creamy

2.Wash with soapy water

Cleaning silicone watch with black spots, stains,can dip a little soapy water on the toothbrush,Can quickly scrub the silicone watch band on the dirt,And then wipe the silicone strap with a damp cloth can be completed

3.Timely replacement of silicone strap

Although you have regular maintenance, but there will be silicone watchband harden,When the watchband hardening,At the right time to replace the silicone strap is absolutely necessary

In short,Silicone watch with cleaning and maintenance issues,mainly to see yourself attitude.need to customize the silicone watch strap can be directly contact to the Yuanfeng silicone products factory.

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