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Precautions for use of nasal aspirator device

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When the baby rhinobyon, novice mother usually helpless, because they are young, do not know how to blowing one's nose , thus affecting the baby's breathing. Then the production of nasal aspirator device is to make your baby more comfortable, but also to avoid damage to the skin. Then the use of baby nasal aspirator when the attention to what matters?

1.Use, the first air in the soft capsule out, then the tip of light into the child's nasal cavity. If the tip into the child's nasal cavity after squeezing the soft capsule, may make the child's nostril membrane damage.

2.If the child's nose inside the purulent, contusion, bleeding and other symptoms, stop the use of nasal suction device.

3.Avoid placing the soft nose of the nasal suction device into the child's nasal cavity

4.The suction tube part of the nasal suction device can not be pulled hard, sharp tools can not be used to stamp the straw.

5.Before the use of nasal suction device need to clean the nasal suction device, clean and dry after use in time for use.

6.Disinfection methods are: into the water to boil, use of drugs or microwave disinfection.

7.The nasal aspirator device should be placed where the child can not get.

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