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No tie shoelace export Europe

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In last week,our first shipment of silicone no tie shoelace to a famous company with the strictest quality policy in Germany's industry.This shipment is very important to us to be a qualified supplier in Europe. Well done everybody.

silicone no tie shoelace

In the production process, from material purchasing to workshop production,and then to the packaging.Each step is communicated with the salesman,arrange the production after confirmation.Although there is a small mistake,some shoelaces edge are not repaired,however,With the help of all the staff,shoelace effect shipment in time.
Final,Yuan Feng Welcome customers to factory inspection.We can support any customized silicone product according to the customer's requirement, silicone baby products for toddlers is designed in a way to allow you to take it everywhere you go as it can fold up and fit in any case for easy transportation.