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Liquid silicone and solid silicone how to distinguish

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Liquid silicone is relatively solid high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, it is liquid glue, with good fluidity, fast vulcanization, more safety and environmental protection, can fully meet the food grade requirements.

Solid silicone polymer elastic material is a cell type, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, solvent resistance, high resistance, viscosity, electrical insulation, chemical industry and other characteristics, wide range of application.

Comparison of liquid silicone and solid silicone


As the name implies liquid silica gel is a liquid state, with liquidity
Solid silicone is solid, no mobility

Liquid silicone high transparent high safety food grade materials, forming without adding vulcanizing agent auxiliary materials, sealed feeding molding.
Solid silicone is a transparent environmental protection material, forming need to add vulcanizing agent vulcanization molding time, open mold feeding molding
Liquid silicone and solid silicone products how to distinguish
Liquid silicone products with high transparency, no peculiar smell, the product has plastic injection mouth
Solid silicone products with low transparency, curing agent or other cover curing agent fragrance, product without glue mouth
Use domain
Liquid silicone products are generally used in baby products and kitchen supplies and medical supplies and kitchen supplies and medical supplies, is directly accessible to food and human body
Solid silicone products commonly used in daily necessities and industrial parts and auto parts and other aspects, the use of a wide range.