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How to select sample mould?

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     The mold for many industries are not unfamiliar, is an important part of the production of various plastic products, now in many industries use more and more for our mold, and the mold is a crucial design for silicone products industry, it is associated with the shape of the structure and the quality of a product, when making products is indispensable in the production of silicone products manufacturers, through the mold to the development of new products, but for the sample mode but many customers do not know when to buy, but also to spend money to open the sample mode, which also allow customers to become the reason to refuse orders, but a process sample module for the silicone industry it is necessary, this is for the sake of your products.

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      We have asked the 3D to customer service customer drawings and samples if we can do not die but when circumstances will allow customers to open mold mold production, to make good products will first open a sample model to do the sample through 3D mold and CAD software design is reasonable, let customers be satisfied with the samples later in the development of mold, mold if the sample confirmation will be developed a sample mold a single or double hole hole, made out of the need for a variety of test samples, such as sample toughness, hardness is appropriate in the use of process, temperature adaptation, color selection and confirmation of some performance the above, if the mass can reach the standard after the development.

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     So in the industry of silicone products customers will have a better understanding of the sample confirmation, if you start to open the large-scale production and processing, so in the production process of products, mold unqualified problems, but also to the customer a kind of responsibility and a sample mold cost than large to reduce the price several times, if the mass production so the sample model must be developed, must according to the real customer sample mold production out of the description of the acquaintance to do the production, it is also a method to confirm the quality of the products, if the sample problems, then choose to meet the requirements of mold repair in the development of large-scale production, do good confirmation.