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How to making silicone products waste to treasure?

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In our lives,there are many things need to place, desiccant can also be made with silicone.because the previous desiccant on the body harm,also worried about whether children eat.

Because before there have been many events due to lime made desiccant was removed into the water caused by explosion,Especially when children play, so many friends have a certain degree of vigilance for desiccant,In the field of silicone, not assured desiccant, then silicone products will solve the problem for you!

We all know that silicone has strong adsorption capacity,And its adsorption force is much greater than other materials desiccant.When our shoe,wardrobe, etc. can place some rice,Or desiccant, unless you want to throw away unwanted silicone products,Waste to treasure,And silicone itself will deal with moisture phenomenon,Before the Internet learned that the phone was a lot of water intrusion inside.Use silicone phone cover to absorb it dry.So when we don't have some silicone material can put it into a fine powder using bag device,can be placed in some damp places to get moisture effect.For example, some of our wardrobe, under the kitchen counter, etc..

Silicone desiccant

In addition to outside scientists is moistureproof function on silicone and powerful,Silicone can also drive the growth rate of plants,Because early in the market there are silicone fertilizer in the sale,Desiccant can directly medium fertilizer,Silicone products are silicone compounds also need to add printed silicon elements to promote photosynthesis of plants.So our silicone rubber products can also be put directly into the home of small potted plants and trees, etc..