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How to choose the right silicone products factory?

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A year is coming to an end ,  silicone products factory are relatively busy, but this year does not seem so tense, coupled with the recent adjustment of China's market economy, making all kinds of raw material prices skyrocketed, many industries are affected.  in the case of silicone materials rise in price how to choose the right silicone products factory?

1.Identification of silicone raw materials

The recent surge in prices of silicone materials is undoubtedly more distress to the manufacturers, so buyers must identify good raw materials, not to reduce costs and select the bad manufacturers. For how to identify the silicone material, you can use the method of identification of fire roasted, authentic silicone products do not produce a lot of smoke through the fire, only a small amount of white smoke, and combustion is completed, leaving only a little white powder, These white powders are silica. If it is other non-environmentally friendly substances will produce a lot of black smoke and sticky material.

2.Identify the appearance of silicone products size

Silicone raw materials because of good flexibility, so the silicone products produced by a certain degree of flexibility, so the size of the product directly to measure a certain deviation, the best way is to Test package . The appearance of the silicone products to check the edges, silicone products surface, because most of the silicone products  molding, and its product size, appearance and a lot of important parameters depend on the design of the mold is reasonable, the mold size is precise, mold surface Whether it is clean and smooth, the mold from the demolition of the design is reasonable, so check the silicone products must pay attention to these, if there is bad, can be achieved by changing the model, but the premise is to find a comprehensive strength of silicone rubber products Factory, the Yuanfeng silicone rubber products factory has its own engineering design and mold room, production and technical capabilities can be effectively guaranteed.

3.Test Report

Silicone products manufacturers to provide proof of silicone materials and silicone test reports: If you are the two methods of identification of silicone products is still not a good grasp on the use of a third method, so that manufacturers provide to you, and then you control the test report again One test.

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