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Don't give children with amber beeswax molar

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Recently,My brother is a new dad,then asked me a question, you have beeswax molar chain there? I asked what would it do? They said to the baby teeth, I heard you are really angry, want to murder children? 

October 1, 2011:
The Australian government issued a document to warn the risk of amber teeth necklace:

May 23, 2013:
ABC News reported that a child with amber told not credulous molar chain death, face book sales information:

First of all, the molar chain of amber beeswax use is made of fine stuff, it is just scrap, stress must be broken. Amber Mohs hardness is 2~3, outer enamel and cementum of the tooth crown, friction hardness is 6~7, that amber beeswax is absolutely no problem. So as a conscientious Wenwan have integrity, we are the most respected not to give the baby to buy a necklace, easy to suffocate or accident. If you need a genuine molar to buy a professional molars, nothing is more important than safety.

Secondly, the drug marketers are amber pure nonsense, amber do medicine, but need to research into powder taken orally, simply by oral with amber beeswax, there won't be any is directly absorbed by the ingredients, unless he has a what to eat to the entrance of the mouth, so that  I'm worrying him mother's nipple.

Secondly, those words conclusive say "Europe since ancient times are with cloudy amber molars did not have micro business what" and silly mom, sorry, I used the medieval amber products what children have little talent and less learning, and the authority of any article did not find, but I want to tell you, for the beautiful Amber beeswax with a variety of polishing, polishing powder, polishing wax, polishing oil, some light oil, directly coated with these things, you can think of into the child's mouth?

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