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Can put boiling water in the silicone water bottle?

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People in the movement which will flow a lot of sweat,to timely supplement moisture.Often before the movement people will prepare a sports water bottle.A lot of time the water bottle is used to install warm water and cold water,But sometimes people also need to install some hot water,Then the sports water bottle can put boiliong water?

the yuanfeng of silicone water bottles can be loaded into the boiled water,Because the use of silicone material,High temperature of 300 degrees,And does not produce any toxic substances,Only in the winter when the use of silicone sports water bottle can not achieve the effect of thermal insulation.

In fact,The water bottle acts as a tool for carrying water,The structure is simple,Uses are also more than a single,The yuanfeng water  bottle is the only bottle that can be used as a medical aide (hot or cold compress) and can store bandages to stay dry. It can be used as a pillow when traveling or sleeping on the ground. The bubi bottle also works great during cold winters. Place it over a fire (yes, fire!), heat up some water and place it in your sleeping bag or under your coat and stay warm for the day!

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