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Ashtray can also be used silicone material?

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Speaking of ashtrays, For smoking friends most clearly . But sometimes want to smoke cigarettes, especially in the parlor, Take the ashtray to cautiously without any noise. Because the ashtray most of the metal or porcelain, and the table when the collision easily produce sound, but also can not fall.To change this situation you can use silicone material to make ashtrays.

silicone ashtray

The use of silicone material ashtray in line with the needs of a friend smoking,the silicone ashtray is made of high tear-resistant and environment-friendly materials, can be made into different shapes, the perfect alternative to the metal and porcelain ashtray, silicone softness, no sound contact with the desktop, Will not affect other personnel, this is one of the benefits of silica gel ashtray.

Silicone ashtray than the metal or porcelain ashtray, you can design more shapes, when not in use when the ornamental items. Beautiful appearance and practicality, so that ashtray silica gel sets and pure silicone ashtray by more friends like.

silicone ashtray