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Silicone products prices have gone up

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-12-05

In 2017, after the brief price cut of silica gel raw materials for silicon products was alleviated, the second round of "artillery fire" struck again in August. Silicone raw materials prices rose to 60% on the basis of the original. Not only that, but also the settlement method is directly transferred from cash to advance payment. Which payment first to the first delivery! Faced with such a strong pressure, we have been fatigued, forced to choose Zhan silicone products, the customer made a price increase notice, which customers also expressed their understanding of the support, many customers are more aware of the situation is the initiative to raise prices, Said willing to spend with Ching Nien difficulties.

In response to the current market conditions, the trend of soaring raw materials is a disaster for some silicone products processing plants that compete maliciously with low prices, but it is an opportunity for some quality and service silicone products factories. Silicone raw materials market so volatile timing, still able to insist for customers to mention the best quality silicone products to meet customer delivery! This silicone products factory is the ultimate choice for customers! Silicone products operating industry in 2017 to 2018 will face a reshuffle.