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Silicone products have been fully integrated into our lives

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-12-12

Speaking of silicone products, I believe it is not very familiar to people, but when it comes to plastic products, I believe basically every person in life know, because plastic products have been deeply integrated into people's lives, accompanied by people's lives Every day; but for the silicone products, in fact, silicone products and plastic products are widely used in people's lives and production, because the silicone industry started relatively late, the penetration rate is relatively late, before the silicone compared to cheaper Of the plastic is very expensive, with the development of science and technology, the study of silica gel also makes the silicone products become civilian, the following describes the life we ​​deal with those silicone products.
Perhaps we do not know, we often cook the pressure cooker, rice cooker above the ring, we use the phone case, laptop keyboard protective film, eating lunch box inside the ring, children drink milk nipple, bottle, etc. These are all Often used in life products, are silicone products.
In other aspects there is also the appearance of silicone products, we went to the museum to see some of the restored artifacts, replicated artifacts are mostly made of silicone material, as well as home decoration above, beautiful fashion handicrafts, many colorful lighting Silicone products exist. In the medical industry and the electronics industry, silicone products are everywhere.
Silicone products can be so widely used in society Benefit from the characteristics of silicone products with high temperature, long life, corrosion resistance, not pressure, deformation, water and moisture, and more importantly, silicone products completely non-toxic Environmental protection, can be recycled, so now a lot of plastic products have also been replaced by silicone products, the future believe that the market share of silicone products will gradually catch up with plastic products, more widely used in people's lives among the silicone products factory Silicone products in line with health, environmental protection, practical products have always been the most people want to have.