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Silicone products produce pungent smell of what is the reaso

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-12-06

Silicone products with the continuous improvement of technology, making silicone products in life is also more and more widely used, but some businesses in the purchase of silicone products found in some silicone products will emit a pungent smell, then there will be a Intuition, why silicone products will produce this pungent smell? Will this smell be toxic? Or wait some doubt?

These problems are mainly for some silicone products factory in order to save costs, the use of non-standard materials used by companies or non-environmentally friendly materials, ordinary vulcanizing agent at a low price, rather than completely through the ROHS green odorless curing agent tested, curing Agent is a kind of catalyst that promotes the vulcanization of silicone raw materials. After the silicone products are molded and formed, they volatilize, leaving only a small part of the residue and volatilizing within 48 hours. The vulcanizing agent will not cause any harm to the human body, but the cheaper vulcanizing agent may produce a scorched pungent smell, the volatilization time may be longer in about a month, so try to choose the performance when choosing the silicone product The best odorless silicone products, especially some of the direct entry of silicone products, such as baby nasal suction device, silicone plate, silicone kettle, etc. more need to be strict.

Silicone is basically not a big taste, taste problems are mainly curing agent and curing agent problems, we choose the curing agent should be used tasteless curing agent, curing agent basically no smell after the second paragraph. It should be noted that the temperature of secondary vulcanization at 200 degrees Celsius / 2-4 hours, you can also 155 degrees Celsius or 150 degrees Celsius / 12 hours, so the smell of silicone products and water molecules will evaporate out, so will not Produce some pungent smell.