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Silicone rubber products tear strength is not enough formula

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-09-07

The tear strength is essentially a tear, which characterizes the energy (work) required to expand the gap. Tear strength refers to the maximum force required to tear a particular test piece (with a cut or rectangular test piece), indicating the tear resistance of the material. Its unit is N / m. The tear strength is related to the tensile strength and elongation at break of the silicone rubber.
In the design of high tear strength formula, should note the following:
1. Use crystalline rubber
NR and CR and other crystalline rubber not only has a high tensile strength, but also in the tear process can be generated at the crack microcrystalline structure, plays a role in blocking the expansion of the gap, it shows a high tear strength. Generally speaking, the tear strength of synthetic rubber is worse than NR, except for polyurethane rubber. The order of the tear strength of several rubbers is: NRCRSBRNBR.
2. Use active filler
Activated fillers, especially those with fine particles, large activity of carbon black, silica, etc., can significantly improve the tear strength. But the amount of filler should not exceed the most appropriate dosage range, otherwise it will tear strength decreased. Isotropic fine particles of carbon black, the surface of the treated calcium carbonate, lithopone, zinc oxide can improve tear resistance. The amount of carbon black is generally in the 50-60PHR can get the highest tear strength.
3. Use the appropriate plasticizer
Appropriate addition of plasticizers (softening oil) helps to improve the tear strength, of which the ancient mullon resin, petroleum resin and phenolic resin is better.
4. Crosslink density should not be too high
Appropriate use of vulcanization system, so that the cross-linking density should not be too high, so that vulcanized rubber to maintain good elasticity and elongation at break, which also helps to improve tear strength. The accelerator type also has an effect on the tear strength, and the accelerator which promotes the vulcanization effect is slow and the vulcanization flatness is good can impart good tear resistance to vulcanizates such as aldehydes and accelerators MBTS and CBS. The amount of accelerator can not be excessive, it is best to owe a little.