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What is the reason for the easy damage to silicone products?

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-09-06

First, the quality of silica gel raw materials is not good, poor performance, toughness is not good, then it will easily lead to rupture of the situation, so the silicone material must be good off;
Second, the silicone products in the curing process is not complete, when the mold temperature is too low or curing time is too short, it will cause the product close to the mold is not easy to mold, it is more prone to rupture, may also occur Other conditions, so the need to increase the curing process in the curing temperature or increase the curing time;
Third, the silicone molding products, the temperature is too high, the temperature is too high will make silicone products in the molding brittle, easy to mold release when broken, it is prone to rupture of the situation, so the appropriate to reduce the molding temperature can be;
Fourth, the silicone molding mold surface is too rough or the accumulation of dirt, then it is not conducive to stripping, it will cause the breakdown of the situation, only need to clear the mold or plating can be!
5, sometimes because the operator for the stripping of the operation practices are irregular, will be more prone to a lot of problems, so the need for stripping operators have a professional operation training!
Silicone products break the situation we are inevitable, but we can through our good norms to reduce the proportion of bad products caused by rupture, the general broken silicone products in the silicone rubber products accounted for the majority of miscellaneous pieces, so in the production process must Note these aspects.