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Buy silicone products need to pay attention to what?

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-09-04

1. Silicone products process to understand, silicone products is to ensure that the customization of customer products, the need to develop a separate mold, select the appropriate material, coupled with LOGO and packaging, so that to meet the targeted use of procurement. Some customers will doubt the need for manufacturers to charge the mold fee, so manufacturers charge mold is the price tag, should be detailed to inform the customer related processing technology, so that customers really rest assured that the silicone products factory transparent processing customization services.
2, the requirements of the silicone products to be clear, the requirements are mainly on the use of the product, the use of the environment, the relevant properties of the product, if the most basic information on the silicone products manufacturers can not be confirmed, will lead manufacturers to provide production standards, Know that these can choose the appropriate silicone material, to take a reasonable production process.
3. Silicone products and other plastic products to distinguish between silicone products and other plastic products for non-professionals is difficult to distinguish. In this case, manufacturers should inform the specific circumstances, analysis of the product is not a silicone product, if not, tell customers to use silicone material to do what advantage, what disadvantages.
In summary, the procurement of customized silicone products, the first to understand the process, followed by a clear request, and do not confuse the silicone products, in order to ensure the successful completion of custom silicone products, but also reduce the time and less wasted money, Finally, ES silicone recommendations: in the transaction of silicone products, the need to pay attention to silicone products, feel, wear resistance, elasticity, tear strength