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What are the reasons for the yellowing of silicone products?

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-08-12

Transparent silicone products for a few years will not be yellow, but sometimes in the production, some freshly lit transparent silicone products look yellow, as if changed the color. Why is the transparent silicone products?
A vulcanizing agent
1. vulcanizing agent performance is divided into ordinary and anti-yellow. Its scope of application has the following two aspects:
2. Common type non-anti-yellowing agent, used in some can be used for deep color or color requirements are not high non-exposed silicone products.
3. Anti-yellow vulcanizing agent used in the need to be exposed, the color is lighter and more bright, and the color requirements of the higher products.
Second, the technical aspects
Transparent silicone products in the molding, resulting in transparent silicone products in the color after turning the main problems are:
1. Mold temperature is too high
2. curing time is too long,
3. After the second sulfur
The quality of the raw material itself is too bad
Sometimes we add anti-vulcanizing agent in the compound, but the transparent silicone products in the molding look still is still yellow, and that there may be raw materials, anti-yellow ability is too bad, for raw materials, poor resistance to raw materials is recommended Direct refueling.
to sum up:
Although the silicone products with excellent weather resistance and anti-aging. But sometimes there are still just released the silicone products yellow. In order to avoid this situation, according to the requirements of the choice of curing agent, the process should be strictly control the temperature of the mold and the product of the curing time, raw materials should pay attention to the yellowing of raw materials.