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Top 5 Eco Squeeze Silicone Water Bottle Review

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-06-08

I purchased this at a local discount retailer today and I actually like the bottle. Its soft and has a loop so I can clip it onto my bag. Like another reviewer mentioned, the cap is a PAIN to put on (it screws on lop sided which makes you attempt to put it on multiple times) and the drinking slot (a hard, plastic tube that fits back inside the top) makes drinking challenging to say the least. You have to squeeze and suck at the same time otherwise it feels like you're drinking from a baby bottle. I'm not too disappointed. I needed a soft water bottle and this is it. Hopefully the manufacturer will sell a redesigned replacement top.
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At first Smart Planet sent me the blue bottle. I loved the blue color. It was perfect or so I thought. I was ready to use it, but couldn't get the bottle to seal properly. It worked just fine when I had the lid off the bottle. As soon as I put it back on the bottle, I couldn't get it to seal.

How can I get the silicone nub inside to stop coming off when I take a sip? It always ends up floating in my water and water from the tiny hole squirts in my face when I squeeze! I was in last week in New York, where I have bought this product. I transpotiert this bottle after Germany. how shame is that the lid does not fit into the bottle, so you can not close it and leaking. they can tell me where I can exchange it for Germany?

I can take this bottle anywhere with me. The size and shape are perfect or any cup holder. Plus I can take hot or cold liquids in it. The Eco SQUEEZ Silicone Water Bottle is actually squeezable! You can actually squeeze the water out of the bottle! I was amazed by this feature. I have even thought about getting one of these for my husband too. He could really use on the go. It’s very light weight. And I know he would like having it because he wouldn’t have to worry about anything spilling.
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Bottles are weird - very squishy but you can not fold them down. I was hoping for a bottle that I could fold after use. also they don't fit into backpack pockets as they are too soft.I got this on Sams Club auction so the price was good (but only OK after you add the shipping cost to the whole price). One of the bottles leaks at the spout. After a while, water that is in any of the bottles begins to taste not so good. I didn't think silicone would do that. I would not buy these again nor recommend them to anyone.favorable comment,and we also could customized outdoor silicone products and baby kids teething toys necklace beads and silicone daily necessities.