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silicone elastic shoelace

  • Brand:Yuan Feng
  • Category:Daily Supplies
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  • Gotline:0755-89934416
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No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults, YUANFENG Tieless Elastic Silicone Waterproof Flat Athletic Running Shoe Laces for Sneaker Boots Broad Shoes and Casual Shoes

Color Model Number Bar Code
Adult Size-Multicolor1 XD-01 B071S9DP7G
Adult Size-Multicolor XD-02 B071FBWSV7
Adult Size-Multicolor2 XD-03 B071S9DMQY
Adult Size-White XD-04 B0728CZ9T1
Adult Size-Blue XD-05 B072Q3XRMN
Adult Size-Purple XD-06 B071JDRWQC
Adult Size-Black XD-07 B071FSXWTM
Adult Size-Pink XD-08 B071FSY483
Adult Size-Yellow XD-09 B072Q4HFFT
Adult Size-Grey XD-10 B071ZS361Q

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